A hill side semi detached Resaro villa


A classic beautiful villa during erecting at the lake Drevviken south of Stockholm

The beginning.........

At the bottom a rough gravel on the bedrock.
A plane foundation level characterizes the Resaro building system.

A tight welded radon tarpaulin is spread out beneath the entire foundation. Leftover tarpaulin parts are visible in the background.

Over the tarpaulin the surface is made even with a drainage load supporting gravel layer.

The exhaust air is led down into the gravel layer. An over pressure is formed inside the gravel layer between the insulation layer and the radon tarpaulin - It works as a very efficient radon barrier at the same time as it with help of the indoor heat warms the material and thereby prevent energy from leaking down into the foundation.

In the picture you can see the load supporting insulation layer partially bin put out.

The load supporting insulation layer is also put out beneath a very heavy wood stove and beneath the load supporting interior walls. Common heat insulation covers the remaining parts.

The load supporting insulation is somewhat thicker and by that higher than the heat insulation. The bottom structural floor elements are by that self supported at the same way as the intermediate floor elements.

With this design you just need to be careful with the leveling of the surface coating at the specific parts that the load supporting insulation covers - Saves time.

Bottom floor elements being laid out.

The bottom elements are equipped with a strengthening concrete beam beneath the outer walls. The beam is placed inside the floor structure and above the level of the element concrete slab. The outer walls are supported against the earth pressure forces by the step alike projection on the beam.

Metal rod studs fixes the outer walls.

Now you may get an idea of how well insulated this house is going to be.

The concrete walls with cast attached insulation rests on the projection and the wall insulation lines up with the contour line of the foundation insulation. - No cold bridges.

Precision, on the upper surfaces of the concrete cords, facilitates the floor laying of for instance chip boards.

The chip boards are put "floating" on rubber shims above the chords without need for screws. You just glue the boards together. - Further facilitating of the floor laying.

Load supporting interior walls.
This big villa has two load supporting interior walls in both floors, extending up to the roof.

Normally the Resaro elements span between the outer walls without any need for an intermediate support. But this is a big house.

The villa is symmetrical.
The outer wall elements erects.
The thickness of the wall insulation is plain visible in the corner element.

The wall parts subjected to load from the earth, have thicker concrete slabs and thinner insulation, but the ground covers the main part of these walls. Furthermore the wall is "supplementary insulated" by the outside draining plates.

The recesses in the joint between the wall elements prevent from settling. The joints will be filled with expanding grout - Quality.

The shell is well prepared for keeping the heat indoors in spite of big windowpanes - Please remark the substantial insulated concrete beam outside the structural floor. The whole empty wall area above will be covered by big sliding window glass doors.

The horizontal recess between the two isolation layers is occasioned by the floor element projections. The recess fills up with heat insulation.

The load supporting interior walls also forms the sides to an oriel and the oriel outside parts will be heat insulated later. - Thus facilitating transport and manufacturing.

All elements are fixed with welds before the jointing with expanding grout is started.

Load supporting interior walls.

All element joints are filled with expanding grout, below and between the elements. - Entirely draught sealed through the outer shell.

The small hole in the wall is used for filling with grout around an up sticking stud, fastened to the bottom elements.

The big openings are aimed for installations and circulation indoor air passing inside the structural floor.

Standing joints are temporarily sealed with ribbons before the grout is poured in from upside.

Continuous insulation with a thickness of 250 mm not only outside the wall concrete but also outside the support of the intermediate floor. - No cold bridges - An energy effective utilization of the building material. This advantage you just can reach from Resaro.

The wall projections are somewhat higher than the corresponding thickness of the dovetail shaped element slab.

The wall element above stands on the projections of the wall below. This gives space for the slab to move when subjected to load.

There is nothing that prevent the element slab from angle changes. By that a 7 m floor element can be supported on the thin floor slab without the risk of damage.

The load supporting interior walls have doubled projections. One floor element assembled.
The intermediate floor ready assembled.
The outer wall heat insulation covers the floor element slab.

The intermediate structural floor.
Bathroom and lavatory. A lavatory sewer can be laid approximately 5 m with standard slope inside the structural floor.

The outer wall in the foreground is not subjected to earth pressure. Thinner floor slab - thicker insulation layer.

Unlimited openness for installations inside the structural floor.
The intermediate floor.
Concrete cords instead of wood studs or steel gives unsurpassed straightness.
The upper floor load supporting interior walls being erected.
Load supporting interior walls
Each wall part rests on at least two wall projections of the underneath wall. The upper wall is not touching the floor element slab.
Long transverse sewage pipes and ventilation ducts are by advantage thread in before the outer walls are erected. There is space for ø 160 mm ventilation steel ducts.

Enjoy an energy conserving living with soft warm floors during wintertime.
Enjoy a fairly acceptable indoor climate when the temperature retains about 35 grader Celsius outdoors at summertime.

Feel how your windpipe widens when you get home. Now three allergic persons lives in Resaro villas.






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